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Born and educated in the UK, based in London and Aix en Provence, France.

"Spontaneous handheld photography fits well with my experience of creation generally as

an almost simultaneous sublime moment of connection and disconnection.

Photographing light has led me to understand that light does not only enable us to see. 

Light is also able to open the perceptual door to another place

where anything is possible."

MP Wix.jpg

The artist sees herself on a psychological, philosophical and scientific journey into the realms of perception.

When capturing multiple light sources, the camera records what she senses, rather than what the limited human eye can see, revealing something beyond visual reality of an energetic dimension. The light leads the way in altering perception which in turn mirrors deep reflection on the universal order of things, our interaction with the metaphysical forces that surround us and the very nature of existence. She uses spontaneous light-infused imagery in both highly constructed compositions and subconscious autonomous transformations to explore existential and humanistic themes.

Mercedes Parodi heralds light not only as a major factor in altering our sensorial perception of an environment, but also as a driving force, reflecting and interacting with our thought processes and state of mind. Her conceptual imagery is a metaphorical, symbolic and constructive presentation of light in positive response to some of the universal cerebral and emotive challenges of humankind.

 A selection of water sculptures from the series You will always Be was presented for the first time in a

collective exhibition entitled

Occupy the Void and curated by Laura Noble for

Photo50 - London Art Fair 2020


1 - 26 October 2013

'Nocturnal Fountains'

 La Fontaine Obscure, Aix en Provence, France


29 June - 20 September 2018

 'Versailles and the Waters of Antiquity'

Spa Thermes Sextius, Aix en Provence, France

                                    International Awards

LICC (London International Creative Competition)

2022 - Official Selection - Surreal Vision

2022 - Official Selection - Columns of Equanimity Light Wall

2022 - Official Selection - Program Me to See the Light

2021 - Official Selection - Solar Light Wall 1

2021 - Official Selection - Forever 6

2020 - Finalist - Create (Art) Category - You will Always Be

Honorable Mention (Pro)


IPA (International Photography Awards)

2021 -  Solar Abstracts

2020 -  You will always Be

2018 -  Mindset Transitions – BW2

2017 -  Jupiter Latona Juno 

            (The Love Triangle)

         -  Mindset Transitions - 1

         -  Mindset Transitions – BW1

         -  Jupiter

         -  Royal Star 3

         -  Royal Star 4

2016 -  Diana

         -  Modular Abstraction 1


PX3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris)

2020 -  You will always Be 

2018 -  Mindset Transitions – BW1

2016 -  Facing The Strange

            (A David Bowie Tribute)

         -  Versailles Part III

            (Modular Abstraction 1)

FAPA (Fine Art Photography Awards)

2020 - You will always Be

2016 -  Jupiter Latona Juno

           (The Love Triangle)

         -  Royal Star 4


Monochrome Awards

2017 -  Vision and Mindset  

            (From Doubt to Self-Belief)

         -  Vision and Mindset

            (From Latent to Pure Energy)

         -  Mindset Transitions

            (From Tectonic to Stable)

2016 -  Diana

         -  Modular Abstraction 1

         -  Royal Star 2

2015 -  Apollo served by the Nymphs


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