Immersive imagery, sourced in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, invites us on an existential journey into the realms of power, where mindset, make-up and energetic essence reign.



Images of water in fusion with light, captured during the Fountains Night Show in Versailles, are presented as instinctive dynamic compositions. The photographer perceives the grandiose organisation of water in movement, enhanced by the laser lights, music and fire, as infused with cosmic energy. The spontaneous and choreographic way in which the photographs are taken, and the resultant imagery, reflects not what the artist sees, but what she senses.



This section features the mythological masterpieces of Versailles. The statues in the gardens of the Sun King are placed into an alternative extra-dimensional space. Abstractions of water and light provide the backdrop for this new mise-en-scène which evokes invisible forces, and echoes the photographer's sensing of the vast intangible nature of the order of things within this powerful environment.



In continued response to the aura of Versailles, the artist's thoughts turn towards the man behind its monumental creation, Louis XIV, and the self-empowerment necessary to realize our dreams and ambitions. The abstract compositions of water, light and fire look to materialize the intangible concepts of vision and mindset. They depict transition from a negative to a positive state of inner being which optimizes our performance, and can be essential to our very survival.



The existential imagery in this section relates to the psychological, physical and metaphysical elements that color our perception; the diverse, multi-layered and complex nature of our make-up, as we go through life registering and responding to input from visible and invisible sources that ultimately influence and determine the course of our existence. 

Four of the water sculptures from the series You will always Be were shown for the first time at the London Art Fair 2020 in the Photo50 Exhibition Occupy the Void. The imagery comes from a photo of water in fusion with light, captured at Apollo's fountain in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Inspired by  continued reflection on the multi-faceted nature of Being and the connection between matter and energy, this series relates to our passage through time and space, and the trace of our energetic essence that cannot be effaced. 

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